In 1803, Sam Stuart, a British nobleman, abandoned his hereditary title and chose to expand overseas to import exotic collections for the British royal family. Sam Stuart's entrepreneurship has laid the foundation for the import and export companies operated by future generations.

Innovate the industrial oil transportation industry

After the industrial revolution, the internal combustion engine came out in 1886, causing a sharp increase in the demand for industrial oil. In 1888, based on his ancestral transportation experience, stiebel Stuart, a descendant of Sam Stuart, bought a search ship and crossed the Eurasian continent to import more oil for British industry through transportation.

SPO One brand start

Due to the intensification of monopoly competition, stiebel is eager to get rid of its dependence on foreign imports. In 1910, stiebel decided to establish the "spo one" brand, refine high-quality lubricating oil from petroleum, vegetable oil and mineral base oil together with engineer saianbat, and locate in the high-end lubricating oil brand in the UK, and continuously launch a series of lubricating oil products with excellent performance with independent innovation technology, It supplies a steady stream of industrial oil for British industrial development. In 1920, due to its great contribution to the era of industrial revolution, "spo one" was given the British Royal badge and became the industrial lubricant for the British royal family.

Expansion in the context of Globalization

In the 1990s, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war, globalization developed rapidly with the support of new technology. In 1997, SIBOYIHO officially launched its business in Pan Asia (China), providing Chinese consumers with "SIBOYIHO" industrial lubricants with unified formula and quality standards. In 2019, Sibao No. 1 signed an exclusive agency agreement with Wanqi win-win group.

Brand profile

British SIBOYIHO lubricant brand supplies more than 350 kinds of high-quality lubricants, special lubricants and greases. It is a global leading lubricant brand whose products are sold to more than 70 countries and regions. It has Britain's advanced automatic filling line, advanced laboratory equipment and skilled technical researchers. It adopts the latest modern scientific and technological formula and is industry-oriented. Its products are made of 99.9% purity base oil higher than today's standard, with higher purity, durability and performance. With first-class lubricating oil products, cutting-edge technical support and characteristic service guarantee system formed over the past century, SIBOYIHO has won a good reputation in the Chinese market and ranks among the top brands in the lubricating oil industry.

Brand target

Become the first choice of industrial lubricants.

Brand dream

Let "SIBOYIHO" become synonymous with high-end lubricating oil.

Brand strategy

Economic sustainability:Take market segmentation as the basis of strategy and global business development to improve market penetration and global operating profit margin;
Brand sustainability:Further strengthen the brand structure to enhance brand value and influence;
Ecological sustainability:Green production and promote ecological sustainable development projects;
Social sustainability:Actively undertake social responsibility and promote corporate social responsibility projects.

core technology

security——PurePlus technology:The natural gas is made into crystal pure fully synthetic base oil, combined with intelligent self repair technology to create safe and reliable lubricating oil products with ultra long service life, so as to reduce the potential risk of personnel and the possibility of oil leakage and overflow.
environment protection——SLO技 technology:It is used for the lubrication of new generation machinery and equipment, with optimized flow characteristics and unique viscosity temperature characteristics, which greatly promotes the development of energy conservation and consumption reduction, reduces maintenance frequency, and reduces oil consumption and treatment of related maintenance wastes.
Efficient——CHLOE SPO Temp G:Outstanding for its high heat and oxidation resistance and excellent wear protection. The new technology effectively prolongs the normal operation time of equipment and improves efficiency, and helps to reduce production costs, maintenance expenses and equipment replacement.

R&D capability

British SIBOYIHO continues to promote the research and innovation of lubricating oil products. Since the birth of the first drop of lubricating oil in 1910, SIBOYIHO contains the blood of leading technology.
Aggregate resources:SIBOYIHO is a leading lubricant product research center from around the world, with more than 100 professional and technical research employees and expert consultants. It carries out research on global future topics such as environmental protection technology, energy and resource utilization and sustainable development plan, involving raw material exploration and development, product performance research and formula innovation, production process improvement and improvement And product application technology, etc. This enables SIBOYIHO to always maintain the world's latest technological development level.
Open and inclusive:It has established academic achievement exchange and technical cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutions around the world for a long time, which plays an important role in establishing global lubricating oil technical standards and future development direction. At present, the universities that have established exchanges and research cooperation with SIBOYIHO include Cambridge University, Surrey University, Warwick University, Harvard University, Heidelberg University, etc.

Brand qualification

SIBOYIHO's factories around the world are directly supervised and managed by the headquarters. They strictly implement the requirements specified by the group in every link of raw material procurement, production process and product inspection, and adhere to the group's quality management system (SQMS) standard and continuous improvement agreement. In 1997, Chinese factories have fully realized the improvement of management specifications and equipment in all links of experiment, production and testing. While strictly implementing the group's SQMS, they also strictly implement the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification standards and specifications, and provide high-quality products and services to customers and consumers in China.


Stuart family overseas transportation enterprise was initially established.


Stiebel Stuart bought a large ship and Stuart family's overseas oil transportation enterprise was officially established.


"Spo one" brand was officially established; In the same year, the first batch of new formulations of SPO one lubricating oil were successfully developed.


Start production and set up the first factory in London.


SPO One Given the British Royal badge, it has become an industrial lubricant for the British royal family.


The outbreak of the second world war interrupted production; In the same year, the business moved to the port of Manchester.


After the war, enterprises began to get out of the sales trough.


The plant was re established in the port of Manchester and the first chemical engineering specialist, David Clinton, was hired.


SPO one sponsored the rally in London, England.


The number of employees increased to 300 and the products were sold to the Middle East for the first time.


SIBOYIHO business has expanded to 18 countries and regions in the world, and the international scale has initially taken shape.


The Manchester port plant has been fully expanded.


Founder stiebel Stuart died and the company was inherited by Beverly Stuart, stiebel's grandson.


SPO one acquired apo lubricating oil products company in Los Angeles, officially opening the road of overseas expansion.


The establishment of subsidiaries in France and Spain further deepened the globalization of SIBOYIHO.


In order to cater to the theme of environmental protection, SIBOYIHO has launched a new SLO technology and has maintained close cooperation with more than 70 overseas enterprises.


SIBOYIHO announced its entry into the Chinese market.


SIBOYIHO signed an agency agreement with Wanqi win-win group, which enjoys the exclusive agency right in China.

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