SIBOYIHO lubricating oil


SIBOYIHO SHD all-round clean synthetic industrial hydraulic oil

It is applicable to the hydraulic system of medium and high pressure vane pump (17.5ma), plunger pump (up to 34.5ma) and gear pump, as well as the hydraulic system of medium and high pressure construction machinery, imported equipment and quality.

Performance characteristics.

Excellent viscosity temperature performance ensures good lubrication, cooling and sealing of hydraulic components under the condition of changing working pressure and temperature
Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance can slow down the wear of equipment and effectively prolong the operation life of pump and system
Excellent oxidation stability, slow down the decay rate of oil products and prolong the oil change period
Excellent foam resistance and air release ensure the sensitive, accurate and stable transfer of static pressure energy of the system
Excellent demulsibility and filterability can quickly separate the water in the oil, minimize the filter blockage and ensure the normal lubrication of the oil;


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